Top 9 kitchen chimneys in India (2020)

The road to a man’s heart goes through the stomach….! It is an old saying but quite an effective one.

So, to fill the empty tummy you gotta cook something yummy and for that, you go to the kitchen and saute something but before you fill the empty stomach, your lungs are filled with harmful smoke that costs you your precious health. So, to avoid that we are here to help you out with a magic machine (aka) chimney which will take all the smoke out of your house in no time. So, with our thoroughly intensive research and customer reviews we’ve made a list for you that contains the top 9 kitchen chimneys currently available in the market.

1) Hindware Nevio 60 – Heating Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

This powerful beast is loaded with supreme features and solid performance that adds a sparkle to your beautiful kitchen. The impressive chimney comes with a powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr. It has a feature of One-touch control that enables ease of operation to create a perfect kitchen environment. Loaded with supreme features and solid performance, Hindware Nevio 60 brings home a magical kitchen experience.


  •  Hindware Nevio 60 is loaded with a powerful metallic blower that has best-in-class-performance along with high suction capacity and longer operational life.
  •  It comes with lesser power consumption and lesser noise.


  • Installation service of Hindware is not up to the mark.

2) Hindware Cleo 60 cm Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

The Cleo 60 Chimney is a Unique Blend of Futuristic design and Cutting edge technology to ensure a healthy and smoke-free kitchen. Equipped with self-cleaning technology, This Auto Clean Chimneys are hassle-free and allows you to enjoy a smoke-free cooking experience. The Metal blower in Cleo ensures maximum suction and durability. The metal blowers are connected to a duct system, ensuring a clean and odorless kitchen environment. Touch control allows the user to discreetly and conveniently operate the induction cooktop without any hassles.


  • Chimneys from the house of Hindware Appliances are also highly energy-efficient.
  • Powerful motor has been provided that has good suction capacity.


  • Again, the installation service is not up to the mark.

3) Hindware Cleo 90 Cm 600/900mm Auto Clean Chimney

The Cleo 90 Chimney ranks third in our list as it has best in class functioning and jaw-dropping looks. It is a unique combo of technology and aesthetically perfect design. Equipped with self-cleaning technology, Hindware Auto Clean Chimneys are hassle-free and lets you enjoy a smoke-free cooking experience. The Metal blower in Cleo 90 ensures maximum suction and durability. It has almost the same features as mentioned above in the Hindware Cleo 60 but with a slightly bigger size, which means it suitable for 3 to 5 burners.


  • It has a good suction capacity as compared to its peers in this segment.
  • Energy efficient


  • In some cases, customers are complaining that the motor is getting broken easily.

4) Faber 60cm 1150 m3/hr Chimney (HOOD SUPER 3D Plus, Black)

Just to make this Faber chimney a favorite choice amongst the customers, it is made in the size segment of 60 cm. Due to the compact size of this chimney, it takes less space and can be used for 2-3 burner cooking tops. With its touch control access, the sound level is 58DB which is as smooth as someone can wish for. It has a suction capacity of 1150m3/hr. It has a 1-year warranty on the overall product and a warranty of12 years for the motor.


  • It has cassette filters which enhances its performance.
  • The noise produced is negligible.
  • 3D suction capacity.


  • The cassette filters require cleaning every two weeks.

5) Elica Nero 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

To make your kitchen look better, this is the charming design of Glace kitchen chimney! This chimney is your ticket to a hassle-free cooking experience. Continuous exposure to smoke and strong aromas affects your health, this chimney is designed to suit your needs. It promises you with a power-packed performance always! One Year Warranty, Motor 5 year Warranty. The suction capacity of the particular model of the kitchen hood represents the maximum airflow capacity of the motor group assembly running at an optimum level with a possible +/- 5%variation.


  • Good capacity with compact size i.e it can be used for 3 burners.
  •  5 year warranty on motor.


  • People are facing service issues.

6) Bosch 90 cm Stainless Steel Hood Wall Chimney

This machine contains 250w ducting/recirculating operation twin channel high-performance fan motor. It has high-efficiency baffle filters that are a unique two-piece filter which is quite easy for cleaning. It offers really good features with this price but they could have enhanced the power, efficiency and ultimately the performance of this machine. But they have tried to compile it with its bold looks.


  • High-efficiency grease filtration system: European style baffle filter system
  • Halogen lighting: for optimal, energy-efficient illumination of the hob


  • Power of motor could have been optimized.

7) Sunflame Venza 60 BK 1100 M3/H Wall Mounted Chimney

Install this masterpiece Sunflame Designer Chimney in your kitchen to keep it clean and oil-free. With unique and exciting features in the chimney, the product ensures superior absorption of grime and smoke-free cooking environment. The chimney will also give you easy absorption of excess oils is that is easily collected and removed from the kitchen. The appliance is completely made using stainless steel, which is known to be durable. It has a warranty of 2 years on the product,


  • Baffle Filter is suitable for Indian kitchens & requires cleaning every 6 months.
  • Made from Stainless steel which is known to be durable.


  • Poor installation service by the company has been observed in many cases.

8) GLEN Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel 1000)

It has a Curved glass in a perfect union with stainless steel. It features 8 mm thick glass with a large suction area. It also offers Push-button controls and comes with two Baffle Filter. The 2 powerful 40 W lamps give you a luxurious experience. The Italian motor with top performance has an airflow of 1000 m3/hr.


  • It is equipped with FRP housing which not just enhances its durability but also cuts down a great deal on the noise.
  • High quality Italian motor has been used.


  • The suction capacity could have been enhanced.

9) Prestige 90cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney

Prestige chimneys are engineered to suit your needs offering a modern solution to your kitchen. Choose from a wide variety of stylish and innovative products that blend perfectly with your modern kitchen. Revolutionary Auto Clean by Heat Technology: This revolutionary technology removes trapped oil, grease and dust particles trapped in the chamber of the kitchen hood by heating and melting them and then the same is collected in the oil collector. This technology makes it easier to clean and maintain the kitchen hood without the mess. Only the kitchen hood model comes with a unique auto heat cleaning function. The auto-clean function cleans the filter by using an inbuilt heater thereby eliminating the need for manually removing the filter and cleaning.


  • Offers good performance and aesthetics with this price range
  • Prestige being a renowned brand in India in the home appliance segment has built trust over the years.
  • Healthy air with angular suction.


  • Built quality of the chimney is not up to the mark.


I know that you are getting confused (I mean everyone gets confused sometimes) which is the right one to buy for your home and that is sole reason we are here for you so that you can have a clarity of thoughts and can come to a final verdict to buy something that is made for you only.

  • Suction Capacity- The most important point to consider while buying a chimney is the suction capacity which in turn depends upon the no. of burners of the stove.
  • Service of the company- Please do consider the fact that some companies mentioned above on our list are offering a little bit of poor service during the time of installation or after installation. So, do your research about the company’s service and then make your choice.
  • Budget- In every Indian family budget always remains a hot topic while buying something. So, fix your budget and reconsider the features you will get.
  • Size- The size of the chimney is also an important aspect that requires your focus as the size of your kitchen and position of the stove will be an important factor deciding the location of the chimney.

If you have any queries regarding this article or you want to know which kithen chimney suits your demand according to your home and budget conditions feel free to contact us. We are always happy to get feedback and we will get back to you in no time.

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