Top 10 blogging user guides for home products in India (2020)

There are over 248 million households in India utilizing a wide variety of home appliances and products. There is a need of all in one user guide for home products that will provide you insights and reviews of a wide variety of products of different brands so that your time, money and efforts can be saved. We, at, value your time and we try to provide the valuable information to you so that you can use the best products available out there within your budget.

Luckily, we are not alone in this business. There are certain other blogging websites that share the same ideology. After intensive research, we have made a list of top 10 blogging user guides for home products in India:

1. Bijli Bachao:

Bijli Bachao gives you in-depth information about various home products. The technologies involved in the products are very well explained.  This website not only provides you valuable insights but also motivates you to save energy.

Check out the website at

2. Bee India:

Bee India is one of the few blogging websites that reviews various home products in the Indian market by performing hands-on testing and extensive research.

Check out the website at

3. Glen India:

Glen India not only helps you select the best brands for various home products but also provides you with day to day domestic manuals, how-to content, recipes, etc. 

Check out the website at

4. NCC India:

NCC India is all in one complete user guide that covers every aspect of a household. From gadgets to health equipment, the diversity of this website will amaze you.

Check out the website at

5. Home Zene:

Home Zene contains articles and reviews for various home appliances including essential ones like baby care which is one of its kind. The articles are neatly written and easy to follow.

Check out the website at

6. Kitchen Arena:

Kitchen Arena is a budding website that will provide you some great insights. It is one of the best user guides for kitchen appliances with the articles well written and neatly presented.

Check out the website at


I M Tarun Singh has simple yet very understandable content for all those who are seeking a user guide to buying home appliances. The articles are written in-depth providing useful insights.

Check out the website at

8. Best For Your Home:

Best For Your Home provides you in-depth reviews of various home appliances. Be it Kitchen devices, electronic devices, etc. you’ll find it all on this website.

Check out the website at

9. Smart Home Guide:

Smart Home Guide provides you expert reviews of various home products and appliances. You can compare various products in terms of price and specifications, thus saving you a lot of time, money and effort.

Check out the website at

10. Best Review Hut:

Best Review Hut not only helps you compare and find your ideal home product but also provides you with useful information about the product like working, applications, suggestions, etc.

Check out the website at

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 blogging user guides for home products in India (2020)”

  1. Thank you for info. Out of 10 blogs you mentioned, 8 are already occupying Google’s 1st page in many home appliances products. There is a lot to learn from these bloggers.

  2. Yeah! All-in-one package, Here I got 10 blogs which are best. Thanks for sharing this blog. I already read 5 blogs out of 10. Again thanks for sharing this blog. I also shared this blog with my friends.

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