How does a Washing Machine Work?

Working of Washing Machine – Precise and easily understandable!

What if I say tell me one life-changing modern technology that has changed your lifestyle drastically? Well, there is much advancement in medicine, computing, and communication but have you ever thought about something as humble as WASHING MACHINE?

It is amazing how a piece of machinery can save you time and reduce work efforts which is the actual need of the hour in this never-ending hustle and bustle.

Dirty clothes, water, and detergent – put all these in a magical box of machinery and there you go! You get perfectly fresh and clean clothes in return. But the million-dollar question is – how exactly it happens? For all you curious minds out there, I give you a precise and easily understandable overview of how exactly a washing machine works.

Load it up!

The process starts with loading the machine with ingredients – laundry, detergent and fabric softener (optional). Place all your laundry in the inner tub and put an adequate amount of detergent. Generally, the machine will guide you on how much detergent you’d require. The next step is setting the program according to the type of wash you want. A washing machine has various programs (water level, water temperature, timer cycles, spin speed, laundry size, etc.) set in advance. You just need to turn the knob and watch the magic begin!

This is where the magic happens!

After you set your desired program, the water begins to fill the inner tub through a water hose. At this point water in the inner tub gets mixed with detergent and this mark as the beginning of the wash cycle.

The next process is called the agitation process. In this process, an agitator with large fins rotates clockwise and anticlockwise inside the tub which makes the laundry present in the tub rotate along with it to complete the washing process.

Please skip the next few paragraphs if physics bore you. For all the curious people, here goes: There is a motor placed under the tub. The motor sits on top of a motor pulley which is connected to the driver pulley via driver belt. The drive belt starts rotating clockwise and anticlockwise as soon as the wash cycle starts. This makes the whole transmission under the tub.

Let’s climb up and look at what we have inside the tub. The tub contains the washer’s agitator. The agitator has large fins which when rotates clockwise and anticlockwise forces the water out towards the edge of the tub pushing it up along the walls of the tub to fall back again to the center of agitator. The laundry inside the tub rotates in a similar manner and this concludes the wash cycle.

Finally, the water is drained out of the tub by a water pump which is connected to the washer’s drive belt at the bottom of the washer by creating a pressure difference.

Let’s rinse everything!

Water is refilled in the tub and the same process of wash cycle repeats without detergent. This is where the fabric softener comes into play if you are using one. The fabric softener is released at this point and does its magic.

Go round and round!

This is the last step where the transmission starts spinning which makes the inner tub and the laundry with it to spin and remove the excess water.

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